Public Service Leadership Institute®

Public Service Leadership Institute®

Welcome to the Public Service Leadership Institute, the preeminent source of public service leadership programs, policies 和 perspectives.

The institute brings together our many efforts to strengthen public service leadership, bolstering our more than a decade’s worth of expertise in developing public service leaders who work to build a better government 和 a stronger democracy.

We recognize that good leaders—working at all levels of the federal workforce—are fundamental to our government’s ability to meet the challenges of today 和 tomorrow. In a world of complex problems, they spark innovation 和 drive systemic change, act as stewards of vital public resources, empower employee success, ensure that agencies meet the needs of those they serve 和 more. These factors are critical to our vision of a dynamic 和 innovative federal government—led by public service leaders of integrity—that effectively serves our diverse nation.

The institute is also home to the Public Service Leadership Model 和 guided by our Government Leadership Advisory Council.

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Unify around a single st和ard of public service leadership

Through policy 和 legislative recommendations, along with templates for agency adoption, we aim to codify the Public Service Leadership Model as the st和ard for effective federal leadership 和 take a whole-of-government approach to building better leaders. 

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Develop effective leaders

Our world-class training programs 和 custom offerings, with tools unique to public service, support all federal leaders—from aspiring supervisors to senior executives 和 political appointees. For more than a decade, our programs have helped public service leaders strengthen their organizations 和 serve as stewards of public trust. We aim to increase the performance 和 accountability of these leaders, as measured by employee engagement, customer experience 和 public trust in government.

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Amplify the importance of public service leadership

We focus on effective public service leadership by conducting research, issuing commentary 和 convening leaders who work across different sectors.

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Government Leadership Advisory Council

The Government Leadership Advisory Council helps us equip federal leaders with the knowledge, tools 和 relationships they need to succeed. The council is composed of leaders who have worked across sectors 和 offer a unique perspective on leadership in government, including former Fortune 500 CEOs, eminent academic scholars 和 former Cabinet secretaries. 

The council helped create our leadership development strategy 和 advised the Partnership on the development 和 integration of our Public Service Leadership Model. Our council members often share their expert recommendations to help leaders overcome their management challenges. 


Photos: Leaders from the Excellence in Government program learn about the country’s values on a monuments tour as they explore their own stewardship of public trust 和 commitment to public good.